MS Customer Support - Updated

May as well be nonexistent.

I've been trying for three weeks to get my credit card number changed on a preorder for XBox One due to having it skimmed while on holidays. First line support can't do anything, so they supposedly elevate it to some higher power that's supposed to be in touch with you within 48 hours.

3 weeks now.

Me: "Take my money!"

MS: "No."

Sigh. Patience is a virtue I don't have.


Finally got resolution by going to Twitter. Nothing bitchy or ranty, just a simple statement of facts to @MicrosoftStore.

After a brief exchange, I was prompted to send an email to some sort of signature support out of Dallas and I was called that evening by someone. Now that is what service should be. Unfortunately, the credit card can't be changed on an existing pre-order which I still think is ridiculous, but a new order was placed from some sort of special stock they hold back for this kind of thing. We'll see if I still get it Day 1.

Anyway, while I still think first line and second line service support for MS is an absolute joke, I had a good experience with their social media team and their higher levels of support.