Help me pick a phone - LG G2 or Galaxy S4!



Alright... Simple premise here. I'm coming off an iPhone 5, and switched characters so I decided to switch to Android. Using an HTC One now, which I'm not enamored with. The camera could be better, it could be lighter (although I love the industrial build) and the battery could be better. Camera is a big deal to me, I want it to equal the iPhone 5 camera. I have experience rooting, and will likely root and install CM on it, or some other ROM. I really WANT to like the G2. And whenever I use one in a store I do, the screen is phenomenal, the camera is great. The software is absolutely awful, just ugly as sin. I plan to root, but maybe not immediately. How customizable is it to get it to look fairly 'stock' if possible? Also, how are the back keys? When I've handled one in stores, they didn't seem inconvenient, but I don't know about constant usage. Will the ROM community be developing strongly for it? What about the size? I find the HTC One fine to use, slightly big, but I can hit the corners just fine. The G2 is bigger, is it obtrusively big? The S4... The screen and camera are very good, but I'm not wowed by it like I am the G2. I feel like I could customize the S4 enough on my own without a custom rom to make touchwiz usable. How is the battery? Good, or great? So, I want the G2 for it's beautiful screen and camera, and insane battery life. I lean toward the S4 for stability, a few of the Samsung 'tweaks' look nice, but I wouldn't be able to use them on AOSP anyway... Anyway, if you've used one of these phones, what would you do in my situation? Also, if you've used both considerably, I'd love to hear your take! Oh yeah, and regardless, whichever I buy may be sold/traded for a Nexus 5 anyway. But I gotta make THIS decision by early next week.