On handset opinions (i.e. samsung vs HTC)

Trying to work through why I latch onto one handset or another.

There seem to be two themes in comments regarding the latest earnings of samsung and htc. Some people lament the fact that htc is doing so much worse while deserving to do better, and others are saying samsung deserves to be on top and lists all the failures of HTC.

I think I am firmly among the underdog crowd, that probably says something about my psyche, I am not big on following the opinions of the crowd, even if that leaves me more isolated and alone. When everyone was talking about the better design and more premium look of iphones, I chose the samsung gsII because to me that was the better alternative. I rebuffed the fact that it had a plastic casing as a non issue (and still think there is nothing wrong with plastic). Plenty of people disagreed in comments though, it makes you wonder how much of those opinions were arrived at themselves independently vs being co-opted by reading the opinions of others they respect and want to side with.

Enter the latest fight between the s4 and the One, Samsung is now the dominant smartphone player in the world, if not in pure handset profits, a mixture of high profits and marketshare. In android, they are the hegemon. They now have the sort of bandwagon effect that that brings in terms of recognition from the masses and presumption of superiority, but to me it engenders the opposite effect.

I was about to jump on the bandwagon, loved my s2, was eagerly awaiting the reveal of the s3, looked at the verge front page and was disgusted.


Look at the 3 main s2 variants for the US market


via www.geek.com

Which looks the best and which looks the worst? I thought the tmobile variant, with those extreme rounded corners was the ugliest by far (best looking was the sprint version somewhere in between).

And when I saw the s3 on the verge page, it looked MORE like the UGLY s2 variant from tmobile.


via i.walmartimages.com

When I saw that any samsung loyalty died for me. But that is not what happened for most people. Most people were FINE with that design, and loved the phone. The lesson seems to be that bandwagon effects win out.

I was lukewarm on the One X, but was enthralled with the One design - the best phone design I have ever seen.


via cdn.redmondpie.com

I still think the One looks more like a retina mbp than the iphone does, that is how good it looks. The s4 looks better than the s3, but the One leapfrogged it in design.

So why do I support htc over samsung now? Is it just shallow looks? is it the fact that they are the great underdog now? Is it my disgust at samsung resting on their laurels with the s2 and going BACKWARDS in design with the s3 (my estimation, not most).

Probably a bit of all of that. Anyway, that is part of my thought process. I suppose the pro samsung people have a thought process too. micro sd/removable battery. That must take quite the introspection to arrive at.