Chromecast and disappointment

I bought my Chromecast during the announcement, right after they announced the tab casting feature. I have my computer next to my TV, which I use everyday to watch Netflix, Amazon Instant video and Hulu etc, so Chromecast was kind of my dream come true of not having to plug in/out my HDMI cable everyday. I use the Chromecast almost daily to watch Netflix currently and I sometimes cast my Google Music and occasionally Youtube during parties. So it has become mostly a Netflix streamer for me.

I initially thought Google was positioning Chromecast as an HDMI cable replacement, not just another streamer like Roku. However, with the recent Hulu Plus announcement, I have become convinced that this is not true, as I expected the Hulu website (Plus and not Plus) would also be supported, along with Hulu Plus for Android apps. Not to mention that support for nothing else has been added in the several months Chromecast has been on sale.

I still have to plug in my HDMI cable to watch stuff I can watch on my PC for free, such as Hulu, CBS or NBC websites and it doesn't seem like any service without subscription will be supported other than Youtube, which is a huge disappointment for me. Honestly I would have bought a Roku if I knew that would be the case, I would at least have Amazon Prime (which will probably never be supported on Chromecast) instead of Youtube.

On top of everything, there are also the issues with local streaming apps and developer whitelisting. The fact that they have a stable enough API to be releasing new apps but that they still don't allow developers to publish their apps don't instill confidence in me.

To be fair, I still love my Chromecast but only because it can play Netflix and I can control it with my tablet (and I got the Netflix promotion :)), it is just that it could have been so much more. I also realize that most of my gripes would disappear if tab casting worked perfectly, alas, I am one of the unlucky people who can't get stutter-free playback even in 480p, with an i7 laptop and 802.11n connection.