The single most annoying thing about stock android!!

I dont know why this issue doesnt get more attention but it was actually the main reason why I installed a custom rom for the first time.

I absolutely do not want to be disturbed by any sort of notification when I am sleeping but I absolutely want to be disturbed when someone is calling me. Infact its not just sleeping I find notifications to be such a chore in everyday life and thats why the notifications are silent on my phone most of the time unless I am waiting for an important msg. I want the process of going from notifications silent to not silent to be as fast and painless as possible.

But wait a minute starting from ICS and till today this simple requirement is actually quite a complicated task on stock android. The ringtone and notification tone are "linked" so basically the only way to keep notifications silent is to silent the whole phone meaning I'll be missing calls as well. Now you can set the notification tone as "silent" in the settings but that actually doesnt work since alot of apps have their own notification tone which over rides the system setting. So the only solution I am left with is to manually change the notification tone in every application which obviously isnt a solution at all.

Now ofcourse "there is an app for it". Now it has been a while I didnt need to use any of those apps but from the last time I did the whole process was just poor and ugly. You have to use some profile app which is going to leave a permanent notification which was ugly in all the apps I used and also an ugly status bar icon. It becomes extremely annoying having to look at the app running all the time and it didnt help that all the apps were ugly. But thats not the only compromise there is another big one. You can no longer make the phone "all silent" by long pressing the power button or by pressing the volume buttons. You HAVE to do it from within the app or things will get messed up.

So then I have to keep "profile widgets" on my homescreen just so I can change my phone to silent and mute very quickly when I have to. And guess what? The widgets were also ugly as sin.

So what is supposed to be a simple thing became so complicated. Mind you it wasnt even easy finding such an app that over rides this problem, alot of sound profile apps could not do that. There were actually a few apps that looked "decent" but they could not do what I needed to. They would only work if the volumes were un linked from the system.

So I got fed up of it and installed CM and boy thats how its supposed to be. There is an option to "unlink" the notification sound and then I can just keep a volume slider widget on my homescreen that does not look ugly and effortlessly control the notifications. Very importantly I can also keep very low volume for notifications without compromising the volume of phone ringtone. Even if I dont want to keep a widget I can access the notification slider with just a couple of input from anywhere in the OS.

There has been a massive thread about this at google support forums but google doesnt seem to care it seems. And guess what is the state of OEMs regarding this issue? Everyone followed what google did except samsung which continued to keep the notification volume separate. Goes to show that the google way is not always the right way not even close.

Oh and this is the topic I was talking about.