Tech Confessions...

I am a pretty tech savvy guy. I worked IT for a number of years and currently work as an RF test engineer. Computers are my life, but somehow through all the gadgets and latest tech that I'm constantly wasting my money on... my main PC still runs Windows Vista.

Well, technically I dual boot Vista with Ubuntu, but I mainly stick to the Windows side these days. I guess I just found all the workarounds and don't really have any issues with the OS anymore. My work laptop runs Windows 7, and when I'm at home a good amount of my computing is done on what ever phone or tablet I have on hand, but I still spend a decent amount of time on that PC. Hell, it's even sole gaming rig right now -- which people think is nuts -- but I run Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Portal 2, what ever I want and it runs perfectly fine.

So what are your guys' tech confessions?

  • Still using a Microsoft Kin as your go-to phone?
  • Have a web server that's still running Windows ME? (This is a friend of mine)
  • Did you install more than four gigs of RAM on a 32-bit OS and "feel" a performance boost? (Another friend of mine)

Let's hear it :)