Galaxy Note 3 owners - Looking for input.

Hello androidians,

I think I'm interested in getting a Note 3, however, before I go and handle a test unit, I'd like some preferably impartial feedback about using one day to day.

I know the device will be silky smooth and have excellent battery life, but my chief concerns are a little peculiar. First of all, I want to know how one handed operation is, as far as browsing web, email, and apps with one hand, as the majority of my time with this device will be used with one hand on an elliptical handle and the other on the device.

I don't expect to type very well one handed, but I want to know if it's pretty solid to hold in one hand without fear of losing grip on it, especially while bobbing up and down doing cardio. I will not be using a case, and over the 9 years I've owned smartphones, I've yet to have a case or have a catastrophic accident. So grip relative to smaller devices is pretty paramount, so I'm not constantly having to babysit my device with two hands

I'm also interested in build quality, relative to the galaxy S4. I know it's supposed to be much better, but the best I can do until I handle one in person is collect owner's thoughts about it.

Another area of big concern I have is relative pocket-ability. I won't be able to stick a demo unit in my pants or jacket pocket, so I want to gather some owner's feelings about this. I had an S4 but I just couldn't handle the greasy plastic, the pocket ability of that was pretty decent however.

Also, is the decrease in PPI noticeable? The one thing that I loved about the S4 was the screen, it was absolutely amazing. I have very good vision, greater than 20/20, so I value a great screen above almost everything else. Going back to my iphone 5 was a very jarring transition, but I've recently got the screen replaced due to a dead pixel, and I'm sure the screen clarity improved somehow. I think it's because the early iphone 5's had multiple screen manufacturers to fill the demand, and I got a lesser screen, ones that exhibited scanlines and less than ideal black levels, even for ips. I'm no I sheep, however, but this new screen looks beautiful. The galaxy note 3 still uses the pentile arrangement, correct?

Finally, my last concern has to do with faint lines and smearing of the AMOLED screen, like my S4. At lower brightness, faint light horizontal lines were noticeable on my S4, and blacks smeared and ghosted like crazy. This may just be my perfect vision coming into play again, but these are indeed issues with AMOLED, and I would be interested in knowing if the galaxy note 3 had cleared those up. Test it for yourself, open a white image or background, full screen it, and turn the brightness down; do you see any faint bands of light running horizontally across the screen?

One last thing, are there any phones coming out on Verizon soon that may be worth waiting for?