GTAV has caused my Xbox 360 Elite to Red Ring (RRoD)

I have an Xbox 360 Elite model with 120GB HDD. GTAV played just fine for me for up to about 7 hours. After playing a few missions with Trevor it constantly freezes in completely random places...nothing expected at all...walking, driving, riding atvs...then I could never even make it to a mission before it freezes.

The game was freezing within 10 minutes of play and every time I tried to turn it back on the freezing would happen more quickly each time to the last time were it lasted less that 1 minute.

Now the Xbox will no longer turn on because it now has a Red Ring of Death (RRoD). The Elite version was suppose to be the model where they fixed the RRoD forever but GTAV found a way to make it happen.

There is also an article on Kotaku about GTAV crashing on people with older versions of the console. -

Mine crashed a few times and then just RRoD.