Not fair to bag out Sean for the Skype article



Hi there!

Firstly lets get the regular fanboi/hurt of the internet out of the way, so Yes;

  • The Verge isn't what it used to be
  • Yea its pretty obvious how 99 percent of this place is Apple and Google preferred,
  • It's become some weird publication of who knows what.
  • Culture
  • Culture
  • Culture
  • Movie reviews? Seriously.
  • Saying the word tech is met with retaliation for unknown reasons.

Ok so now that the required complaints have been provided, I just wanted to say that Sean is getting a lot of hate on the Skype article and its not very nice or fair. For years, back from the days of Engadget Sean has written some great stuff, and specially here on the verge when this site transitioned into culture,culture and culture, he was the only guy writing about the fun stuff of tech, like Cysis 3, GTX Titan, all the console news, anything Nvidia related, his PC/Notebook reviews were some of the best in class and he was the only guy who actually gave useful figures like how the latest crop of games would run on whatever notebook he was reviewing, and also how many real gaming hours you were going to get on battery etc..

Basically Sean is like the only real guy left, the rest of the Editors we've followed for years changed a long time ago for unknown reasons, but Sean has been the same guy, still writing awesome stuff.
I'm not saying the skype article made any sense, it was weird and yes there is a equally as weird hatred towards MS, however If anything, it's the verge's fault for probably pushing all its editors to make sure they report on anything that contains the word, twitter, NSA, Drones and porn in it and to keep the quality of awesome they were once known for to a minimum.

Yes this post was unrequired, a waste of time, just like 80 percent of the stuff on the verge has been.

Good day! Bye!