From Nexus 4 to 5s and moving forward

In the past: HTC EVO > iPhone 4s > Nexus 4. I've been waiting for the N5 since the day I got the N4, and I figured the 5s was appealing enough to play with for a few weeks. Here are my thoughts.

Pleasant things about the switch:


- The iPhone camera takes pictures right when you tap or click the button.

- The music controls and microphone on my headphones are no longer useless

- iTunes Radio, though it isn't all access, is the best streaming music service I've used as far as delivering music to me that actually sounds like the source song.

Disappointing things about the switch:

- No Google Keep or GPMAA or Google Now

- Facebook sucks even worse on iOS (huge lag on pictures and they don't fit right without the overlay which gets in the way)

- The fingerprint scanner is hit or miss. It's really fucking terrible. For me the scanner is the only killer feature of the iPhone brand, so it's a dealbreaker that it's still really unrefined and inconsistent.

- iOS 7 is ancient and archaic (e.g. the notifications system, the sharing system, can't download files, can't set default apps, no google now, etc.)

- Takes entirely too long to get past the lockscreen. From the slow fade-on display effect, to the non-multitouch pinpad if you don't have the scanner or else when the scanner fails too many times, to the swooping icons.

- iPhone build quality is poor. The power button on my 5s rattles. This has the added effect of causing vibration to sound like buzzing instead of a humming. Being loose, the power button doesn't push the same way from all angles, and doesn't click every time (and when it does click, it doesn't sound the same every time). You never know what sounds the home button/scanner is going to make when you click it—it ranges from silent to muffled and soft to having this weird inconsistent broken sounding clicky-ish sound. The be clear, the 5s home button doesn't look, sound, or feel anything like on other iDevices. My 5s also had a scratch on the glass on front and back, out of the box, which is incredibly frustrating since nowhere has the stock at the moment to do anything about it.

Moving forward:

Really looking forward to the Nexus 5. If it's thinner, lighter, smaller-bezzeled, and smaller-displayed than the N4, and if the camera takes pictures instantly when you press the button like iPhone cameras do, then I'll be happy to switch back to Android for it.