Can a 2012 Mac Pro last me 5 years??

Hey there Apple folks!!

I'm looking to buy the 2012 Mac pro (15" version). Retina isn't really an issue to me, so i can do with the other one. I've never really owned a Mac before (but my friend has one), and I'm looking for a reason to buy one. I've got a Pavilion G6 that's kinda powerful (Core17, 8gb), so buying a Mac won't really be an upgrade. But the thing is, my machine's build quality is crap compared to my friend's Mac. My laptop only got here in April but i doubt it'll last me at least 4 years (I'm in Uni). I need you folks to tell me about the Mac's build quality and how long it may last before i think of replacing my HP. I'm from Kenya so the Apple Support is non-existent, and i need my machine to last! Yep, i also forgot to mention the HP's terrible touch pad (that makes two excuses LOL!). I've got around $1700 to spare so for the Mac, so keep your views coming!!