Will iOS ever be the most used smartphone OS in the US?

As you may already know, iOS has never been the most used smartphone OS in the US. It used to be BlackBerry OS until December 2010 at which point Android became more used.

But now that Android maintains/slightly loses its market share in the US while iOS is still gaining some, the gap is slowly closing between iOS and Android:

iOS's marketshare seems to particularly soar right after an iPhone launch (as expected), judging by the graph above. That means we should probably expect the gap to get even narrower between September and December of this year, with maybe only a ~6-7% gap at Christmas.

Should the trend continue, iOS would surpass Android to become the most used smartphone OS in the US for the first time sometime in the next year(s).

Do you think that will happen? If so, when?

It seems crazy to think the iPhone would still gain in usage considering the competition is getting better and better over time, but it was the case last year too, probably even more so considering Android phones were all getting Android 4 which was a huge upgrade from Android 2.x, yet that didn't stop the iPhone from outgrowing competitors.

Please note that I'm not claiming marketshare should be relevant to consumers (it shouldn't). This is just speculation for the sake of speculation.

I'm personally betting on a "Yes", around Christmas 2014.

Update: I have changed "most popular" for "most used". As some have pointed out, market share is not necessarily indicative of popularity. My question doesn't take into account mind share, desirability and such, I'm really just talking about the user base size.