Pixel Shift App Redesign - Instagram

Hello Verge community, I'm back! It's time to continue my new series, Pixel Shift, where I will redesign an existing Android application each week.

Previously I tweaked the Facebook app design (link)

This time, it's Instagram's turn to get the Holo treatment.

I focused mainly on a tablet experience, as I think it's pretty obvious what Instagram can do to improve the look of the app on phones (hint, tabs up top).

I feel that building Instagram for tablets only makes sense. Sure, taking pictures on a tablet is less than ideal - you look dumb holding up a 10" device - but a lot of people would love to use their tablets to manage their pictures. It's much nicer to edit and view pictures on a large screen, and right now Instagram is not catering to those people.

As always, please leave your feedback - good or bad, I welcome it all (and please keep it civil in the comment section. Everyone has a right to an opinion). Also, suggest some other apps you want redone. I'm building a list!


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I didn't do too much to the phone UI. I simply gave the app a proper action bar and buttons, moved the tabs to the top and flattened the design, I extended the photos to be full bleed to the edge of the screen, rounded the profile images, and various other small icon and font tweaks.


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Tablet UI is where I spent most of my time. Tablet's have quite a bit of real estate to work with. For that, I imagine the home feed of the app displaying several images at once.


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Sometimes you want to see a picture in all it's wonderful detail, so users should be able to select images to view larger, similar to viewing them on a computer from the Instagram website. The user should be able to swipe horizontally to move between images in the given feed.


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Then, finally, there is the profile view. This screen should be focused on giving you an overview of the user's profile, and all their posts in one easy place.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts!