Post examples of obvious media bias.

Note: This thread is getting a little off course, not that this was not bound to happen. I posted this thread with the intention/hope of producing a more or less clean series of posts referencing material from ANY media outlet that you thought was blatantly bias. Not a discourse on unrelated matters, stupid gifs/images etc.

I see a lot of posts in the tribe that blame the media for being biased and treating Microsoft and directly associated partners/products as the 'whipping boy'. Whilst it is undeniably true that Microsoft at the moment is a giant in transition, striving and struggling to establish a stronghold in the new mobile market (Great material for clicks !), and thus should naturally be subject to harsher scrutiny if it is to offer truly first class, highly competitive, refined products that it requires in order to stand-out and be considered a feasible option in an already saturated market lead by two highly innovative players that have the consumers and inherently developers, 3rd party accessory and service vendors on board.

So a lot, maybe even most criticism we read is more or less valid. However, often this criticism gets out of gear and crosses over into some sort of trend/cliche territory, is neither objective nor called for, the media almost attempts to play a long to their readers bias and populist opinion. This criticism is not even criticism at times, rather smug comments/opinions that the journalist should really try to keep to themselves if they don't want to come off as blatantly biased. This thread is exactly for posting examples of such articles (link and short summary/offending extracts), be it a small uncalled for jibe (they all add up like a thousand cuts) or something that made you spit your coffee out because it was so devoid of facts and full of bias and or used as an opportunity to reference a competitors product for no good reason.

A good example that comes to mind is the air headed, misinforming review of the Lumia 1020 by CNET's Molly Wood. Link here. So bad, that it had other sites write articles on it: