Themer: Verge Editor and Community thoughts?

I'm curious to know what people, particularly the Verge staff, think about the new Themer app. It's obviously still in beta and I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I wonder whether or not people think it's a big deal?

I think it could potentially be a strong differentiator for Android if it's as good as it it being portrayed to be. I am pretty excited about the thought of being able to change the theme of my phone with one click (and definitely don't know enough or have enough patience to go through the process of doing a MyColorScreen right now), but I'm not sure this excitement will transfer over to the "normals" out there. Obviously I'm not the average person in terms of technology as I am commenting on these forums, but do you think that people who are not tech savvy would be interested in this? Don't you think people would be into having a Breaking Bad or GTA 5 style homescreen with one click?

I think it could potentially be THE reason people buy Android phones? I'm imagining someone walking into a Verizon (or Rogers for us Canadians up in here) store and saying to the employee "I want the Breaking Bad phone". Am I crazy?

What do you think Nilay? Chris? Josh? Other Verge people?