Big companies still don't get Android

Maybe I'm the only one who has a problem with this - but why do big companies still have no idea on how to make Android apps? I guess most of them don't even do it themselves but hire an external company - maybe even the same one that does their iOS apps so maybe this is the problem?

Let me give you some examples that I discovered in the last couple of days that got me really angry. I'm currently thinking about buying a new A/V receiver. So I thought let's get one that has a nice Android companion app. Here are the apps from the biggest receiver manufacturers:

I mean WTF? It's 2013, Android is the leading mobile OS and thats what they come up with? today I saw a video about the WD MyCloud - looked like an interesting device that also has apps. Let's check it out:

Why is it so hard to use the native ActionBar? There are great free libraries out there if you want to support older android versions.

Then I was also looking for new headphones. I wanted a model with an integrated remote so that I can easily skip or pause a song. Finding a model that supports Android is another story....but let's take a look at Klipschs app:

I mean....this app would have been ok 4 years ago, but not today.

This goes on and on. I'm a Android developer myself and it really isn't that hard to create a good looking Android app that also feels like an Android app. There are so many great and free libraries. Each of these app could be redone to feel native in under two weeks I would guess. So whats the problem?

The only good thing about all these bad apps is that many of them got really bad reviews....but it seems to have no effect.

Am I alone who feels like that? Sure...these are only a handfull examples but that's what I found just in the last couple of days by looking for products I wanted to buy. I won't be buying the WD MyCloud and I won't be buying a new receiver until they can figure out their mess. I know they don't care but I do.