This is why samsung was successful.

One flagship. That's it. There are some other reason that I think played a part, like big bright screens and features that, even though some were useless, were very marketable, but the main reason is, they came out with one phone. period.

You never bought the Apple iDroid phone, or the Evo iPhone. You got the iPhone. The galaxy s2 was pretty successful. But it didnt come to every carrier the same. AT&t got it first but the smaller version, sprint and tmo got it later but bigger, then at&t got the bigger one with lte and called it skyrocket, and verizon didnt even get it.

Galaxy S3. One phone to over a hundred carriers. Boom, they exploded.

It's 2 reasons, you dont have to spend 5 times as much in the us on advertising for each phone that comes to each carrier. Every ad for an s3 was an ad for the AT&T, verizon, sprint, tmobile and US cellular. The other reason is, hype. Instead of each carriers phone building it's own hype, they all bind together and explode.

HTC tried to do it and completely fucked it up. One X. .....and.. one s for other carriers.... WTF???! If they wouldnt have done that, they would have had a chance at catching up, but they screwed it up. So now we're a year down the road, they finally have it right but now samsung is so much further ahead.

I mean, maybe HTC has a chance still, look at LG. They're catching on, LG G2. Simple. One really good phone, coming to every carrier. I need a removable battery and micro sd slot, so i got the note 3, but i got it for my dad, its an awesome phone and it's starting to build up steam.

And this wasn't even samsung's idea, technically they copied it from apple... but it took everyone else so much longer to figure it out that they probably missed the boat... Too bad.. Real competition is great for consumers.