Why is the Verge staff so anti-male.

You've reached a point where it is getting annoying to read the site as a male.

Every week there is a new article how males did X to women, and males did Y to women, and males bully 70% of females online vs 30% of males, and male CEO Twitter said this to a female, here's an image of a male tweet, let's put all males under the same bracket, here's some footage of males making fun of a female, let's blame all male techies. Because females never bully or manipulate people and are perfect.

No offense but as a male, it's really offputting to read this site, it's pure male-bashing in some articles. You sensationalise articles and use genders as an opportunity to provoke a response and in essence you've become a site where males are simply bashed in articles.

As a male I don't enjoy reading these one-sided articles.

Enough with the sexism.

And don't tell me it's not sexism, you have literally 20-something articles by now where you bash males and their place in society.