iPhone found that's been tumbling in the sea *With Pictures!

I've just recently found a white iPhone 5 on the beach. It clearly has been water-logged and it is pretty worn down. The chamfered edges have been smoothed, as well as the back, and the front glass and LCD are cracked. After a couple days of leaving the device in rice, I tried connecting it to a power source. After doing so, along with pressing down on the stale power button, only about 65% of the cracked screen lit up, revealing the rest as black. The image it showed was the start-up Apple logo. The screen lit up for only about 4 seconds, and shut off. After 10 seconds of the screen being dead, it lit up again, with the same image. It seems to be stuck in a boot-loop.

I would love to know what I can do to somehow get the phone to proceed to the lock-screen, and get information on who lost their device. There is a SIM-card in the tray, but it did not show service bars when I placed it in my own iPhone 5.

If there is no way to retrieve such info, I would like to know if any compensation would be offered for this sanded-down device.