Has anyone else stopped using their tablet?

Hi! I've had a tablet for several years, from the original iPad, to the Nexus 7 (original) and now an iPad Mini. I loved the lightness and long battery life of a tablet, and my laptop was an old HP that was slow, heavy, and had a very short battery life, so a tablet was a lifesaver.

However, I bought a 2013 Macbook Air in July, and have basically stopped using my iPad mini. The macbook air is amazing, can multitask like a real computer, and is pretty lightweight and has awesome battery life. It basically replaced my iPad since now my computer does everything and is light and long lasting.

Basically, should I hold on to my iPad mini? I bought it on sale as a WalMart refurb for only $250, so should I sell it while I can still get $200+ for it (wifi 16gb) and cut my losses? I don't see it having any functions that my iPhone and Macbook Air don't except for ebook reading, and if I'm going to do that, I might as well sell it and buy a kindle for like $50.

Will it be worth way less when a new iPad mini gets released? I think I might just sell it now while it still has a decent value. What are your thoughts?