Windows 8 on Macbook Air stability

I tried to install Windows 8 on my Macbook Air (2011 model). It runs OS X just fine for all its life with no issues, but the stability on Windows is ridiculously whacked. Crashes happen extremely often, without warning, and at random times. The thing was crashing even during the installation of Windows itself. Sometimes Windows couldn't even finish booting before it crashed. It can crash anytime on any situations (on the log-in screen, during logging-in, on metro mode, on desktop mode without anything running, etc). If it had a hard-drive, I would suspect a dying drive, but since it's an SSD, I have no clue what would be the issue. Of course, OS X is rock solid.

Anybody knows what would be the issue? Anybody have similar experience with bootcamped Mac? Is it something with Windows 8? I have a Mac mini running Windows 7 and it's rock solid.