WTF is the deal with windows OEM's and wifi ?

its late 2013

a new technology has been here for around a year with many compatible routers, wifi AC

i first found it was extremely strange that almost no OEM except dell made their notebooks compatible with it, so i thought it must be because the gain isnt that much going from N to AC until i read this review over at arstechnica

the tech it self allow the wireless transfer speeds to go from 54Mbps to whopping 867Mpbs !

but even dell xps which do support the AC managed to pack a crappy wifi card that preformed so horrible next the apple's line up !



well today i canceled my surface preorder just because of this information (not only it wasnt AC, it was 2x2 instead of 4x4 !) and i just talked to lenovo's tech support and were told that the yoga 2 also comes with N

guys is their any decent contender in the windows world with a decent wifi card ?