The Problem With Sony

Go back 5-6 months. Sony introduces 2 new, flagship phones. The Z and the ZL. The Z had huge bezels due to the waterproofing and dustproofing. The ZL was the "normal", smaller version. The bezels were, and still are, the smallest I have ever seen on a smartphone (the G2 followed by the S4 being the next closest). Since then, we have gotten a successor to the Z with the Z1, yet none for the ZL. Many people may not want a device as big as the Z/Z1 when you can get a much smaller device with the same screen size. Sony, doesn't seem to have realized this. Thats the problem. They need to make a new ZL type device to give consumers a choice. And instead of making low end phones or even mid range phones, keep last yearr/ last gen flagship as the mid range. Kind of like apple does.

In short, I want a gen 2 Xperia ZL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Sony makes too many devices.