Chromecast & YouTube troubles

I honestly bought the Chromecast just for this functionality. I was never really able to get it to work with my PS3 YouTube app either though, and without it I just can't see a reason to keep it. Is there something I'm missing?

I want to continuously play music playlists like the ones found here:

So I try playing all from my computer or from my Nexus 4. Casting works from the PC, but it constantly gives me an "Error on Chromecast" screen that doesn't allow me to control playback, even though the song DOES play.

On my Nexus 4, it plays fine, but for some reason, the TV Queue is empty, even though on my phone all the songs are added to the queue automatically. So after the first song finishes, nothing happens.

Am I missing something here?! This is so frustrating.

If it matters, I'm in Canada and had to side-load the Chromecast app on my Nexus 4.

Any help appreciated.