While a lot of people are busy demanding higher ppi and bigger iPhone screens...

I'd like to bring attention to the fact that iPads -- and to a lesser extent, iPhones (or any LCD/AMOLED tablet and phone for that matter) -- are still fairly hard to see in bright sunlight. Ever bring your iPad/iPhone to the beach and try reading books, the web, and comic books? It's really bad.

Am I one of the few that think a MUCH less reflective and more readable display should be the next "thing"? I have seen much improvement between older models of the iMac vs the latest models. I don't know how it fares in sunlight, but what I DO know is that they are much less reflective than they were before. This can also be seen on Macbook Airs vs pretty much any other laptop with a glossy display. I havent noticed it on Macbook Pros since I dont own any recent models and my 2008 MBP had a matte display.

Do I think matte displays need to make a comeback? HELL YES. But from the looks of it, I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon.

Can't we put the ppi wars on hold for a little bit and address the elephant in the room? I'm sure there's some sort of awesome research going on that can solve this #firstworldproblem without sacrificing display clarity and responsiveness?

Anyone have better knowledge of what kind of progress display manufacturers are making on this? Perhaps some links?