1. Lag and Crashes

- inherent lag across the system

- scrolling is jittery (esp in Facebook and Music app which has 500 songs, scrolled like butter in iOS 6)

- decreased responsiveness (multitasking, touch latency is like Android wts)

- sometimes, Control Centre hangs halfway (seriously wts)

- Settings app has crashed a few times

- iTunes Store crashes every time, accessing via Music app helps, again, WTS?

2. Design Oversights

- Lockscreen Music Controls: Slide to Unlock interferes with the Volume control. Extremely annoying. Didn't Apple say more people listen to Music on iPhone than any other phone? And you gimme this?

- Music app: Buttons below the Volume Slider makes adjusting the volume a much attention-needed task.

- Safari List Selector UI. The blur effect makes the words illegible at times.

3. Battery Life

- Have to turn off Background App Refresh to avoid an exceedingly bad battery life.

- What is the point of adding this feature when I have to turn it off to have a decent battery life

- Why are there so many "How to Fix Battery Life Issues with iOS 7" articles on the web? Why should a user have to spend time tweaking settings to avoid a bad experience? Is that even Apple?

Utterly disappointed with iOS 7. Have no idea why the reviews are good. It feels rushed. Especially on iPad, it's just terrible on iPad. Just do the 4 finger pinch gesture to return to Home on any iPad with iOS 7 and you will know why.

Oh yeah, the new design is certainly nice. But at the sake of so many issues, including ones that are very un-Apple-like... haiz...

What are the some issues you have and aren't u disappointed?