Congrats, AT&T Moto X owners

While your carrier might be trash, they aren't complete trash like Verizon. If only I had money to publicly chastise Verizon's terrible customer experience with software updates to their phone.

On a related note, I tried taking a video of some weird, slow moving orange glowing thing in the sky because I had never seen anything so strange before, and the camera was so awful trying to overcompensate low-light that I couldn't even make out what I was recording. You can see the glowing orange light but it looks like I'm just looking at any star in the sky.

So instead of the meme "Thanks Obama" I'm going to start blaming everything on Verizon. When my car breaks down, thanks Verizon. When my coffee gets cold, thanks Verizon. When North Korea makes the news again, thanks Verizon. Everything from here on out is all Verizon's fault.

Even though I know I get bored of iPhones after a month, I still would rather have the 5s right now due to the fact its camera is amazing. For smartphones, the camera is 50% of the phone for me. Right now, my phone is at 50%. Noticeable downgrade from my DNA. Sad.