Experience with Touch ID

Touch ID has gotten a lot of positive reception from the press, but I feel like it's overstated. It's understandable, given that it will work pretty consistently if you're purposely trying to test the feature. I would say that at times it's even faster than swiping to unlock if your finger happens to be placed just right.

I bought my 5S on release day though, and have used Touch ID extensively since then. Well, I've decided to turn it off because sadly it just doesn't read my print accurately enough. I get far too many "try again" errors, and I've gone back and adjusted my fingerprints to make sure they cover all possible positions several times over.

I don't think it's any fault of Apple. Their implementation of this feature is pretty good, but it just feels like it's slowing me down almost as much as a passcode. What actually bums me out is that you can't have Touch ID enabled for app store purchases without it also being enabled for the lockscreen. I would much rather just use Touch ID to bypass typing my password in every time I want to purchase an app than to unlock my phone.

Anyone else with a 5S care to share their experience?