Lets talk Surface Pro 2

I am seriously considering a Surface Pro 2 with a dock connector and monitor as my primary desktop PC. It will also be my tablet and laptop when I am out and about on my travels. The idea one device for all my computing needs really appeals to me in a big way.

But I have two things on my mind....

Performance (Surface Pro 2 vs MacBook Air?):

In the demo Panos showed off the Surface Pro 2 as being lightening fast and claimed it to be faster than 95% of the laptops on the market today.

I am going to take that with a grain of salt after all there are laptops out there with i7 Intel Processors Surface Pro only has an i5 (perhaps that's the 5% Surface Pro 2 cannot compete with).

Now lets look at the Mac Book Air, similar spec 256GB SSD which also features a i5 processor and similar ports and similar price point and thickness (Surface Pro 2 is 1mm thinner and lighter even with a touch cover). I know the Air has a lower quality screen.

So in the demo he showed raw 6K video footage being edited on the Surface Pro 2, surely there is nothing special in that, since the Mac Air has a similar spec and theoretically it would also also be up to the task? Would be nice to see the benchmark tests in reviews.

Secondly when MS released the original Surface RT they used the words 'fast and fluid' and we all know it never lived up to that, so don't believe all the pre release PR they come out with.

Battery Life:

So the claim is that it offers 65% more (if I remember correctly) than the original Surface Pro. But as of yet MS not published any official battery life details. Which is really weird and stinks.

MS have published battery life (in hours) for the Surface 2 but not the Pro 2. Why? What's holding them back? I really hope its not going to let users down with their high horse claims.

A last minor point is the camera. The Surface 2 got better cameras but it seems the Surface Pro 2 did not? Why?

Pending official reviews (thinking Anandtech.com, as dont think highly of Verge reviews) if the performance and battery life claims are real this will be my single device for all scenarios and workloads.

MS this could be the holy grail for me and have my money ready!