What Haswell laptop convertible should I buy?

I haven't paid attention to the latest releases from HP, DELL, ASUS, etc. I am in the market for a new laptop/ convertible.

Please help me choose a product:

Here is what I require:

  • Haswell i5 or higher
  • Decent to great battery life
  • 13 or 15 inch touchscreen display
  • Convertible laptop (like the yoga). Prefer not to get Surface Pro 2 because of its small size and not ideal keyboard.
  • High resolution (1080p or higher)
  • Price no object
  • Needs to look good
  • Usable as a tablet (meaning it should be lightweight enough for it to work in tablet mode)
  • I usually like Sony or Lenovo designs but open to any company
  • Would like a great trackpad experience.
Sound quality, number of ports not really important to me. Pen support a plus but not required