LG G2 or Note 3 (on Verizon)

I'll keep this short and simple. I bought a G2 from Best Buy full price (with my premier silver I get 45 days to return.) Loving the phone right now, but to be honest I would have bought the note 3 if it was available when I bought the G2 a few days ago. I went in with the idea that I would buy the G2 and test it out for a few days and just trade it in for the note 3. Suffice to say the G2 has majorly impressed me, it reminds me of a hybrid HTC / Samsung device with a lot of the good things from both company (buttery smooth screen + tons of features.) The things I care about are as follows

1.) Screen

2.) Battery Life

3.) Performance

4.) Multitasking

5.) Resale

I just would like to hear some of your guy's thoughts on which phone is better. Please try to avoid overt fanboyism.

**Also there is a wildcard, if the Nexus 5 has Verizon bands then this is a moot argument...I always have wanted a real Nexus device!