Anybody find Gravity to be downright scary?

I was expecting something in line with Children of Men for the last 4 years, but I finally watched the movie on Imax 3D, and all I could think was that it was downright scary...

Before I went to the theater, I should have kept Alien in mind instead of Children of Men. The whole 90 minutes feel like an expanded version of final few sequences of Alien, starting from where Ripley activates the self-destruct device and tries to reach the escape craft alone. The sense of vulnerability and danger is prevalent right after the title card and "sucking up the atmosphere" sound effect, and then the whole film is a scarefest full of peril and danger even when nothing is really happening. Many of my audiences were simply stunned, some commenting that it felt more like 150 min rather than 90.

I was kind of shocked because, along with 98% on Rottentomatoes, and such a huge hype I had for years (and many others I believe), I thought I should like the movie instantly. I thought it was going to be something profound and great, just like Children of Men did... Instead it came to my mind that the movie is good because it's one of the scariest film I have ever seen in my mind. The way you cannot hear anything just adds more to the sense of horror, where Dr. Stone can't hear anything and therefore cannot pay attention to the massive explosion in the background, and even for the audience you do not have a clear idea of how great this danger is... Bottom line, I went in expecting something profound, came out simply horrified and haunted, and it took some time to really appreciate what it was all about. I was wondering what others' experience were, since I just watched the premiere and the movie did not come out in this country yet.