Power management by Chrome (With background enabled) on windows 8

So surface pro (Windows 8.1 RTM) is my main driver from past few days and I decided to install Chrome on it (with background services enabled). Generally the battery shows close to 4 hrs on full charge but today i noticed that my pro was showing 2.5 hrs on full charge and I was stumped.

So I went and disabled Chrome (It was showing 19 processes running) in background and exited chrome completely . Then checked the battery and it showed 3 hrs 50 mins left.

To double check, when i reached home after using Pro for a 2 hrs class for notes I again enabled Chrome with background again and waited for 10 mins... now my pro shows 53% remaining 1 hr 48 mins. Again closed chrome and waited for 10 mins doing random tasks... and now pro shows 50% remaining with 3 hr 16 mins ( That is surprising to me as well ).

Both the times my pro was in power saver mode with same brightness...

Only other background processes i have running are office uploader, skype desktop and Send to onenote. Closing them doesn't make any big time impact but i will test more.

Well chrome will stay in disabled background mode in my pro.