Any chance of a 17" Macbook coming back?

I have a mid-2011 MBA 13" right now. Use it mostly on my desk. When I was in school I loved it because I could just throw it in my back and not even feel it because it was so light and than. Now it just stays on my disk. Just sits there. I got a m-stand so I don't have to look down but still.

I know getting an imac might make more sense but I still like the idea of being able to take my main computer anywhere with me. Its not the same as my work computer, don't care about that POS. Especially when I travel, I want my mac with me. I've also fallen in love with the idea of a big beautiful 17" Macbook Retina with all the bells and whistles. Just beautiful.

Has there been a backlash or something among the pro or design community who I assume where the main purchasers of the 17" mac? Is there any chance, any chance at all the 17" might come back?