Updated: iPad vs ..Well...lets say.. The rest of Windows 8.1 tablets.

I am a Microsoft platform developer and love using Microsoft stuff. I use WP8, Xbox, W8, hotmail and every single service of Microsoft. But I need a general opinion from readers of Apple core.

Lets not kid ourselves. Its not a tablet market out there. Its an iPad market. Apple literally created this market for themselves and hence iPad was a blockbuster hit.

What followed next was a similar predictable story with Android OEM's launching "Me Too" tablets everywhere and slowly Microsoft joining the fray as well. But, Unlike Smartphones, since there is no need for an average user to buy cheap tablets, Android is biting the dust with all the real tablet users buying iPad and hence, iPad gaining lion share of tablet market ( 70%).

But with the entry of Windows 8.1, I see Microsoft is creating a difference here. I know Windows 8.1 is too late, but its definitely not too little, when it comes to feature by feature comparison between iPad and Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is definitely not lagging behind the competition like WP8 & probably the only feature missing with 8.1 at launch are non availability of all the iPad Games.

I know the list of Windows 8.1 features is very very huge, but I would like to quote some good articles:




I still believe that Microsoft are better off at trying to make WP8 the best mobile operating system, but they seem to be on a totally different path. And the reason for that opinion of mine is, simply because for general public buying a tablet is synonymous with buying an iPad.

But when it comes to the case of cautious iPad buyers here at Apple Core, what are your impressions on this Tablet war? Is Windows 8.1 good enough to compete against iPad or we will continue seeing MS's disappointment with W 8.1 as well just like WP8?

Edit: Thanks for your points & I went through the comments and it looks like 8.1 is just not good enough for Apple lovers. That is fair enough and until 8.1 gets enough Apps it looks like it cannot withstand iPad in anyway based on sheer features.

I was expecting a lot of feature by feature and point by point kinda discussion but all it turned out was just the blind faith of Apple lovers praising their lord Apple and hating their enemy MS. Probably, Apple lovers are too immature or may be I am growing old. Or may be Apple lovers hate Microsoft so much that they are ready to close their eyes to whatever MS does this days and rule it out saying its simply useless & not needed.

Sadly its not just Apple lovers, its true everywhere. It looks like the world is against MS and they just want it to fail no matter what good they do!