What's next with Lumia and Surface lines after the merge? [update]

So in 2014-2015 there will be no "Nokia Lumia" devices anymore (that's what we heard). Nokia has its own design and engineering team in Finland. There's also a completely separate team - Surface Team. Different design language, different approach, mindset. I strongly doubt that these teams will merge and work together. I think it would be a mistake to merge them. So what MSFT should do with Surface and Lumia? My take on that:

Surface line

  • minimalistic, metal design
  • one device update per year
  • "premium feel"
  • newest and strongest hardware
  • bundled cloud services (SkyDrive, Office365, etc...)
  • only few main products (phone, small tablet, big tablet, ultrabook)
  • innovative accesories
  • focus on productivity and performance

Lumia line

  • colorful design
  • wide variety of products / models at different price tags
  • durable
  • great cameras
  • bundled media services (Xbox Live, Nokia Music)
  • inexpensive useful accesories
  • focus on entertainment, apps, photo taking and media consumption

Makes sense or it's just me?

======== update ========

My dream lumia and surface teams would be:


  • entry level smartphone (4.0'', VERY cheap, good battery life)
  • mid-range smartphone (4.5'' 1280 × 768, good camera, interchangeable cover shells)
  • flagship smartfone (5'' FHD, small bezels, best camera, wireless charging)
  • phablet (6'' FHD, pen)
  • small tablet (8'', 4:3, Windows RT, 230$)
  • big tablet (10.1'' FHD, Windows RT, pen, 350$)


  • Surface Phone (4,7'' FHD, thin, vapor-mg, best-in-class SoC)
  • Surface Mini (whatever it will be)
  • Surface (Win RT tablet series)
  • Surface Pro (Win 8 tablet series)
  • Surface Book (custom 13.8'' 3200 x 1800 screen, i7 Haswell / Broadwell, 8-16 GB RAM and 256GB-1TB SSD options)

And what's the most important thing for Lumia line? No carreirs exclusives, no separate versions of phones for carriers!!! And please stop using this meaningless (for regular customer) numbers as names...