'Beyond: Two Souls' review roundup(-ish): all the things you can do in an uncanny valley

"Beyond hasn't crossed the Uncanny Valley; it's still clambering up the other side, and there are times I wished that developer Quantic Dream had gone less photorealistic and more stylized."

"The detail of animations, both in faces and bodies, manages to leap right over the uncanny valley and into the realm of believability."

"Beyond leaps over the uncanny valley thanks to its new engine and motion capture tech."

The game does occasionally stray into the uncanny valley, but for the most part the performances of Page and Dafoe have emotional grit and heft.

Jodie often strays in and out of the uncanny valley within a single scene

This is in part the fault of the motion-capture technology Cage so ardently believes is the future of video game thespianism, but which unfortunately still hasn't quite made it across the uncanny valley.

The aging PS3 is certainly not going out with a whimper, as the 7-year-old console dives into the uncanny valley headlong.

(No offense meant to any writer, just a fun thing. Let me know if you see any more!)