Microsoft product placement in Parks and Recreation

I'm surprised I haven't really seen this discussed in the Tribe yet (or maybe I missed it?). Does anyone here watch Parks and Recreation on NBC? The show's great, but I can't help but notice all the MS product placement this season. I've seen Lumia 1020s and 925s, a Surface and some other Windows 8 laptop, all within the first 3 episodes.

To be honest, it sometimes feels a bit hamfisted and obvious, like the writers were told to include at least one joke involving a MS tablet. However, it also makes me introspect and wonder if I'd bat an eye at everyone using iPhones and iPads, which I guess I've internalized as being "default" devices.

I do worry about their portrayal a bit, too. In last week's episode, Ron accidentally uploaded a Vine of himself from the Surface. Windows 8 doesn't even have an official Vine app. I think an earlier episode had someone Instagramming from their Lumia, too. I know third party apps sort of exist for that stuff, but it kind of feels like lying.

I'd love to know more details about Microsoft's arrangement with the show, and I wonder if it will accomplish anything. I've heard they have placements in other shows, too.