Why Have An Event At All?

In recent weeks, anticipation has been building for an announcement date of the Nexus 5. Speculation, guesses, rumors, more speculating and some unofficial dates have been thrown out there but none with any concrete backing. Now with leak after ever more massive leak, it seems as though we are on the cusp of something official (yes, another assumption, revel in the irony).

If there is an announcement Event date announced.. (redundant but this is the world we live in now), and it does indeed get announced on October 14, 31, or some other date, then we will still be waiting for the actual release, whose date I would hope would be announced along with the phone.

Why have an event though?

Google as attempted events for their Nexus phones in the past, but they haven't really gone off without their share of problems. The Galaxy Nexus announcement was delayed because Steve Jobs passed away shortly before. When they did announce it, it was at like 9pm EST and held in Hong Kong. The Nexus 4 didn't even have an event because of the hurricane. The upside to that delay was The Verge pulled off a fantastic exclusive with plenty of video interviews, product photos and all the information that we could have asked for.

What will we get out of an event that we wouldn't get with some awesome coverage like The Verge got last year? Companies like Samsung or Apple spend so much money on big keynotes when most of the information given is either leaked to some degree or not very specific and thus need better clarification later. Google is an internet company and should use the internet to release their products. The only thing we would really miss from a live event is some potentially funny quotes and a glorified review unit pick up.

This is not a post saying i don't want an event, i just don't think that Google needs one. They didn't have the event last year and the Nexus 4 flew off the shelves, now the brand is stronger than ever, lets just get this thing out there.