I think I have found my next tablet?

The Fujitsu Q584 was just announced today and has really caught my eye. It's a 16:10 10in tablet with 1440P display at 400 nits, which is pretty amazing, and I think it's finally Wacom based, vs the older model N-Trig base(really makes no difference to me as I would use it for note taking and not drawing, which Wacom is known for). Plus, battery life seems to be about 10 hours without the keyboard(15 with it?) owever, I am not to sure on the quad core Atom cpu, or the SSD(128gb isn't enough, but performance is also a concern). Are there any reviews on the quad core Atom Bay Trail CPU with 4gb of ram? Like how would the real world performance be? Can it play full HD without stuttering? Product page for it. http://www.fujitsu.com/fts/products/computing/pc/notebooks-tablets/superior/stylistic-q584/