Introducing: Verge View

First things first: This is a feature request from me and I will try to explain how it would work and how it would help.

So. Here goes.

For news reports and articles I suggest our good friends at The Verge divide the piece into two parts. First they 'report' about the news item. And this report would not contain any opinion because, you know, it's news! It would only contain facts that have been released, leaked or even rumoured. I'm using the word 'news' a bit liberally here. So it would work for rumours, unverfied and unsourced articles as well.

The second part, get this, would be titled Verge View, which would be the opinion of The Verge or the author. Here The Verge can ponder about the consequences of the news, the potential problems, the effects it will have on Josh's hair, and stuff like that.

"Verge View" at the end of every News article

Consider for example the recent highly controversial Skype sync article by poor Sean. He can write all the stuff about how his iPhone won't beep for seventeen minutes every time he loads the Skype app after having a long conversation on his laptop, how it will tax the cpu lesser, etc. All the news basically.

And on Verge View: He comments and ponders about all the NSA and PRISM stuff, how it might affect battery life (positively of negatively), how we are all going to hell and how Microsoft is already there. All the views.

So the Verge View or the article itself can be as short or as long as necessary.

I think this would help make it clear for readers what are facts and what are opinions, and more importantly, it would help avoid an outrage from readers about Verge's seaming bias towards one camp or the other.

Comments please.