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Here is my fan fiction:

After retiring from Microsoft in 2014, Steve Ballmer buys the Seattle Mariners off Nintendo, and renames them the Seattle Developers. The developers will suddenly become a mega payroll team, and promptly buys all the free agents.

In 2017, the Seattle Developers will win the world series, and its fans will now become the world's most obnoxious fans, with their "Developers! Developers! Developers!" chant. Steve Ballmer himself will walk home with a world series ring, as he will become the Developers' ace pitcher, throwing baseballs with more ferocity than his chair, and scaring the other teams rookies into wetting themselves.

In 2018, Ballmer will become the commissioner of baseball. EA will release a new yearly franchise known as "Steve Ballmer's MLB". The PED problem will be solved once and for all, as any player stupid enough to take steroids on Ballmer's watch will promptly get chairs thrown at them.

In 2019, Ballmer will be forced out of Baseball, after throwing chairs at and injuring half of the Braves roaster during a world series game. Ballmer will always be remembered as the commissioner who scared PED users into pissing their pants, where urin samples can be retrieved and analyzed.

In 2020, Ballmer will run for the president of the USA on a republican ticket, and through sheer will power and connections through the tech industry, he will win a mega landslide. Under his watch, Microsoft will win all the government contracts, spawning rumors about his cronyism.

In 2023, Ballmer will nationalize Microsoft, and in 2024, instead of running for re-election, Ballmer will decide to privatize Microsoft and become the CEO of Microsoft again.

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