The Galaxy Round -- Devil's Advocate Edition

If someone where to ask me an hour ago, "Hey, Ex... What would you say if I offered you a phone with a crazily concave display? Like, ridiculously curved?" I would probably say something along the lines of, "that sounds f***ing ridiculous, but more importantly, what the hell are you doing in my house?"



So apparently this is a thing, and it's here to stay. My initial reaction was one of bewilderment (still is, actually) but I try to consider all sides of an equation before judging it. So, since my dissenting side has already been represented en mass in the comments of various articles across the internet, my optimistic side has room to come out and say hello:

I'll just come out and say it...

I thought the iPad was stupid when it first came out. I honestly could not fathom why someone would want buy what was essentially an iPhone that was 2.77 times larger than their current iPhone -- but look at the market now. It's dominated by tablets and has me right at the forefront, snatching up the latest and greatest, despite my (and my girlfriend's) better sense of reason. You know what else I thought were stupid? Mouse nubs on laptops, all-in-one PCs, touchscreen laptops, and the Kinect. These misconceptions have taught me to keep my mind as open as possible about new tech.

Right now, I honestly don't see the purpose of this design. Maybe it's curved to help bridge the gap between your thumb and the opposite side of the screen? Maybe it's to mold to the shape of your leg when it's in your pocket? I really have no better guesses than that, and further more, I really have no clue what problem this is supposed to be solving -- but I said the same thing for the iPad all those years ago as well.

The thing that really bugs me about all this backlash is... hypocritical it all sounds. Everyone hates Samsung for being "Samesung" but honestly, they seem to be one of the few OEMs to be really trying things right now. They took a big risk on the Note -- which everyone also ridiculed -- but look at where that got them? No one seems to credit them for basically inventing the phablet market. So who knows, maybe this is the next big thing in the smartphone market. How many people not only believed, but vehemently wanted phablets to fail?

The point is...

I really can't say if this will work or not, but neither can you. So let's cool our jets on the hate for a little while and let the market decide. I just can't believe people are giving Samsung shit for trying new things, when so much of the hate they get already is for copying others. They are trying things out, so let them. It does nothing but allow the market to grow in the proper direction.


*Disclaimer -- I have purchased very few Samsung products and am by no means a fanboy. Sure, I had a Nexus S and I bought a Galaxy Nexus on launch, but certainly not because they were Samsung products. I bought them in spite of that. I firmly believe that fanboyism is stupid, and you should vote with your dollars, and not blind faith.