SD-card and Removable batteries are good

This is my reply to this thread

There is no valid proof to say that Samsung is number one because of having sd-slots or removable batteries.Internet speeds are getting faster and millions of people are using streaming services all over the world.

But it comes down to a point that :

Are SD-slot and removable battery really needed ?


SD-slot :

1.It consumes less power than streaming.

2.Its a choice. For example , A Galaxy S4 can either stream through a service available or can load a SD-card.Simple as that.

Users have both options i.e offline (SD-card) and online (Cloud) rather than being locked down to cloud because of low memory.

For example , I have some files both on my dropbox as well as on SD-card.So , my data has far more reliability than a person who only uses cloud.

Even if Internet is slow or goes down , I am safe.If card gets damaged or curropted , I always have cloud data too.So "two" is better than one.

3.Good quality SD-cards work pretty well and we can carry them anywhere as a spare or inside phone.

They can be taken out and read , either through card reader (or) can be recognized when phone is connected.If you want to speak , you can carry phone with you and leave out sd-card in reader and copy contents.If you don't like pulling it out , you can directly connect the phone.


Removable Battery :

1.Again , a convenience. Why ?

Suppose if my battery gets crapped out and its non-removable , I must backup my whole data and give it to the store.Then they will return back a reset device.Even if they say "no need to reset" , I dont want anyone to see my personal info , So I will delete everything and then only , hand it over.

Result ? I lose my customizations , I loose icon and widget placements and lot of other settings and things.

2.Back Panel

What if my back panel get damaged ? I can simply replace it with a new panel.Phones with non-removable batteries come with non-removable backs and if it gets scratched/damaged , its there forever.

I can put a flip cover , put a back panel with nice designed panel etc.

Just a choice.If you don't like them , just put a normal panel.

3.Full charge in seconds

Swapping a battery has an advantage , what is it ? You can replace a 10% battery with a 100% battery in less than 30 seconds.

See this :

4."Battery life is horrible on these phones , that's why they give removable batteries"

Oh really ? Now lets see the reality :

iPhone 5 (All results from Apple forums and note that I only used "iPhone 5 battery life" but not "iPhone 5 bad battery life")


Galaxy S4

My point ? Just because you get good battery life doesn't mean everyone has same experience.Everyone's usage differs.

Having an EXTRA option to swap a battery doesn't hurt.

What if you don't like swapping ? There is always a solution

So again , Users have both options instead of only having one option to have a "battery case" (as battery is non-removable.)

Conclusion :

My personal opinion is that both are extremely nice options to have in a phone.

Your thoughts ?