Favorite Features - Galaxy Note 3 edition

I had a "wow this is pretty amazing" moment with my new phone, so i figured i would share, and ask if you ever had been incredibly impressed with a (unknown to you) feature from a recent device.

My new device is the Galaxy Note 3, and i know at this point you may be thinking something along the lines of:

"oh fuck, he's going to talk about touchwiz?"

No, no. There are some actual handy features, but none really that make it into my core workflows with the phone. What impressed me here was this:


via farm6.staticflickr.com

Now, i expect mice, and keyboards to work, but i don't expect it to power this platter hard drive, but it does. It's formatted HFS+ as i'm one of those who only uses windows really for gaming. When i first saw it mount, i immediately went and started streaming movies, worked like a charm.

For any wondering, Drive is a Western Digital Passport 2TB USB 3. the OTG cable used, was a hand me down from my gnex to my gs3, to this; a cheap, $4 no name brand from amazon. I'm ordering a USB 3 OTG cable from amazon in the next week, I'll report back to see if there's any difference in it mounting, or hopefully, better transfer rates.

Needlessly to say, i'm stoked, and now contemplating going to the UK next month sans macbook (thinking of buying a BT keyboard for longer writing sessions though.

Anyway, any unknown to you (not hyped) feature have you extremely excited for your new hardware?