Is your Nexus 7(2013) glitch ridden?

I have had a 16gb Nexus 7 (2013) since it launched; prior to that I had a previous generation Nexus7*

I seem to have a series of issues with my tablet, is anyone else having these problems?

  • Unwarranted reboots that happen at any given time
  • If downloading a torrent, the files constantly error out, saying they cannot find their destination file/disk. If I restart the file, it will work again for a short while before getting the error again. This is happening using the official bit torrent down-loader
  • Terrible touch response from the display
  • The sound levels are always inconsistent, they honestly change themselves. I can turn them down to fully muted and unlock it later to have the keyboard making sounds when I punch in my unlock code and music will blare if I hit play even though I may have just have set it to 25%
  • Chrome is f****** useless, but I think this is an android problem because it sucked on my HTC One, HTC Desire and Galaxy Nexus just as much
I have other issues with it as well but these are certainly my main issues - intense lag, terrible touch response and freezing/rebooting. Anyone else? The last nexus 7 was not perfect but this one is even buggier for me

*Disclosure, my last generation Nexus 7 ran better than the new Nexus7 for me (Weird, I know.) I use them both for the exact same purposes. Kindle, Comics and Youtube