Possible to visit The Verge office in NYC for me traveling halfway around the world?

Okay, I know this is awkward, but I have to ask this and see every possible way to figure out if there's any way to meet the Verge staffs and visit The Verge office in NYC.

I'm from Bangladesh; a zombie tech writer (if you will) with a goal to write for tech for a living (see about.me/aisajib). I was lucky to be picked up for Mozilla Summit 2013, so Mozilla paid for my travel and brought me up here in California. After the three-day event in Santa Clara, I flew from there to NYC on October 8th and will be staying here for a few days.

I applied for an internship/global writer position although I know I'm probably not a good fit just yet.

I'd be very lucky to be able to visit The Verge office even just for a few moments. A few snaps with the verge staff, a little chitchat, probably some advice on how to move forward towards my passion and goal, and that's all.

I'm in New York, halfway around the globe from where my home is, and I just don't want to miss the opportunity to visit the office of the site which I visit more than ten times (on web) and countless times on mobile every single day. The joy of a US trip is still in 50% because I'm in Bronx and the Verge/Vox Media office is probably in Manhattan.

Is there anyone from The Verge or Vox Media who would allow a teenager a trip inside the verge office?

(I'm on Twitter @aisajib, same username on Skype, Facebook, and everywhere else.)