Trouble with my old *coughcoughancient* 3GS

Hi guys,

So I'm not getting a new phone until June, and I'm not really asking.

The problem I'm facing is, I've dropped my phone pretty harshly, my precious, last-leg iPhone 3GS.

Nothing happened. Whatsoever. Except, the vibrating mechanism stopped working, and from what I understand, it's jammed.

I know this because every time I get a message or flip the ringer-switch, there's a peculiar tapping sound from inside the phone, indicating that the mechanism still works and can move, but not far and fast enough to vibrate the device.

I live in India, so no actual repair service is available here, which pretty much sucks and screws any chance of a fully functional phone.

So what I ask is pretty clear: How the heck do I fix this thing?

DIY is fine, as the phone's obviously WAYYY beyond warranty.