What is the argument for a Chromebook

More and more Chromebook are coming out nowadays and I am truly intrigued by it all. But what I cannot understand is what is the true appeal or target audience for this device.

Seems more like for students whose school has all their systems migrated to Google apps. Makes perfect sense.

Or Primarily it seems like as a secondary device in the house - for someone who is interested in a little browsing and docs and consumption - so who is this person in a general household? and what is the value proposition as against a tablet then with an attached keyboard? Or if you have to be home/coffee shop (since this wifi only) why not use your primary device?

Or is it completely targetted towards a different audience who can only afford that much for a laptop. Then this product needs to be more geared towards being available widely in developing countries where they could hook consumers with the price and get them into their ecosystem.

Dont know a little confused, maybe other forummers can shed some light on it.