Hey all! imma try to keep this short

So im in my final year of high school. Next year, In university I´m gonna study architecture. You could consider me an average consumer, I own an HP probook 4530s (windows 8) with good specs, I also own a nexus7 (which I only use at home) and an ipod touch.

So here's the deal, My 15inc laptop, although fast and essential to my studies, is thick, heavy, noisy and has a hirroble battery life. Ive been thinking on how to solve this issue for a long time (without spending a lot of money). The latest HP chromebook caught my eye because it actualy looks decent, its light, silent and good looking.

The idea is to use the chromebook when i don´t need the power of my laptop, many days, I mostly type documents and research on my laptop and I know that a chromebook can do this with no problem. Does this sound like a good idea? has someone tried it? Does it work well?

Now, for the more concrete questions:

  • I know the HP chromebook has only 6 hours of battery. But it can be charged with micro usb. Is the micro usb charger as big as a regular PC charger or is it super compact.
  • Can someone recommend good offline apps that they use for word processing at high school/university level
  • Can someone recommend good apps in general
  • What types of movies (file formats) can I play from my chromebook?
  • What other cool stuff can be done with a chromebook offline?
  • How does the remote desktop thing work, does it kill the battery fast?
Thanks for taking the time!